SLEUTH TIP: Wear dark glasses to avoid getting caught staring!

SLEUTH TIP: Even THIS could be a crime ring.  Never rule out a suspect until proven innocent!

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SLEUTH TIP: Find yourself a good chum.

SLEUTH TIP: Don't trust this guy.

SLEUTH TIP: Never go undercover on an empty stomach.



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An Archival and Informational Site Devoted to Macarthur Bart and his Classic Bailey Brothers Mystery Series

America's All-Time Favorite Teen Super-Sleuths

What are the Bailey Brothers Adventures? A better question is, "Do you live under a rock, and if you do, what do you do all day, because you should probably be reading great books like the Bailey Brothers Adventures!" But for those of you rock-dwellers who don't know, here you go. Distinctive for their bright red spines, the fifty-eight Bailey Brothers mystery books (plus the Bailey Brothers Detective Handbook) have entertained generations of amateur sleuths from around the world. Prized by collectors and revered by kids, the Bailey Brothers books are a classic piece of American history. Plus they're ace!

About Macarthur Bart

One of the biggest mysteries in literary history is, "Who is MacArthur Bart, author of the Bailey Brothers books?" Careful sleuthing will turn up no birth certificate or wedding licenses. That's because…


*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!*****


….MacArthur Bart doesn't exist! MacArthur Bart is just the pen name used by over twenty ghost writers who created the Bailey Brothers books we all know and love.

Online Excerpt

(All text copyright MacArthur Bart and posted without permission. If someone with the rights wants me to take this down, just let me know! Thx!)

The Complete Titles

I've collected every BB book, from Bailey Brothers #1: The Treasure in Trouble Harbor to Bailey Brothers #58: Spacejacked!. Check out this photo of their spines for a complete look at the titles. How many Bailey Brothers books do you own?

Shawn and Kevin Bailey

Shawn and Kevin Bailey are America's favorite sibling super sleuths. Along with their plump chum Ernest Plumly (and sometimes their other school chums,  Bobby Paladino, Ryan O'Neale, and David Coen,) the Baileys solve mysteries of various sorts. Shawn and Kevin are the sons of famous detective Harris Bailey, and they live in Benson Bay. Their girlfriends are Hannah Fenway and Cissie Merrit. FAN QUESTION: Who do you think should play Shawn and Kevin in the Bailey Brothers movie? Rumors of a film version of the BB mysteries have been swirling around for ages. But to my knowledge filming has not started, and yet Hollywood keeps churning out undigestible dreck year after year. Come on, Hollywood!

A Guide to Sleuth Slang!

ace: neat


aliais: a fake name, an a.k.a.


beak: nose


Black Maria: police vehicle for transporting prisoners


blip off: to kill


bull buster: a man who fights police officers


bum steer: a misleading lead


cooler: the big house, jail


C, C-note: a $100 bill


Chive: knife


cop the sneak: to escape, to break out of jail


deedee: an individual faking friendliness


dingus: thing


grifter: con artist


ham donny: a bad fighter


ice: diamonds


jack: money


Mr. Whiskers: an FBI agent


moulage: making casts of footprints of tire tracks


portrait parle: a list of a suspects physical characteristics


rat fink: informer


stiff: corpse