Your application has been accepted.


*Please activate your card by completing the following steps.


1. Print this page, as well as a government-issued mugshot of yourself, approximately 1.5 inches x 2 inches. (A cropped-out photo from a family vacation is also acceptable.  In fact, the worse you look in the picture, the more official your license will appear.)


2. Cut-out your Genuine Detective's Investigation License.


3. Ask an adult for an expired credit card, driver's license, library or video-rental card.  Place your new license over the card, cutting away the excess plastic, and slightly rounding the edges of your license to match the plastic card beneath.


4. Trim your mugshot to fit the photo-box, and place it on the card.


5. Use clear packaging tape to adhere and laminate your license together.


6. Next time you're somewhere that you're probably not really meant to be, just nod while flashing your license, and state your full name, with middle initial, (fake, of course) and continue walking with purpose. 


(Also, you may consider spending your next case-earnings on a new wallet. You know, one of those boring leather dad-wallets, without a cartoon dude surfing on it,-- the more boring, the better.  You should fall asleep while shopping for it...)