You can turn a book into a secret box for storing valuable things, things like your favorite pen or a client's ruby necklace. Here’s how...


You will need:


A big book

Thrift stores and libraries usually sell big books cheap. Pick a thick one with a boring title: you don't want anybody opening this book


Good glue that dries clear

Get something strong than Elmer’s but weaker than superglue (it’s hard to investigate a crime with your fingers stuck together). Ask for help at the hardware store.


An Exacto knife

Kids, use only with adult supervision.


A paintbrush

This will probably get ruined.


Binder clips

These will not get ruined.


1. Open the book to page twenty. Use binder clips to attach the first nineteen pages to the front cover.


2. Put a smaller book down on page twenty and use it to trace a rectangle on the page.


3. With a parent or experienced private investigator, use an Exacto knife to cut a rectangle. You can cut through about 5 pages at a time. Keep cutting until the compartment is as deep as you want it.


4. Using your paintbrush, apply glue to the outer edge of the pages. Only glue the bottom pages—not the first nineteen, which should still be clipped to the front cover.


5. Now brush glue on the four walls of the compartment inside the box.


6. Let the glue dry. You’re done. You have a secret book box!